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40’s Del Oro 00-size+ 12-fret in solid X-braced mahogany/maple, hair shy of 1 3/4” nut, 2 3/16” string spacing, bold tone with nice projection and playability


The Del Oro brand was an attempt by Kay Musical Instrument Company to break out of their boring lineup of acoustics and offer something with more pizzazz. This example, in larger 00-size, offers a nice balance between parlor and big-body flat top from the same period. The full scale length delivers a robust tone which breaks out nicely whether played fingerstyle or flat picked. Good value for and American made flattop from this period.

Price: $899

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70’s vintage lawsuit Martin 00-21NY copy in X-braced spruce/mahogany, 1 7/8” nut, 2 5/16” string spacing, quintessential folk guitar (back in the day)


A real Martin 00-21NY has always been my holy grail guitar but way out of my price range. This lawsuit copy made in the 1970s of solid spruce over solid mahogany is a close second. It was made to resemble the specs of a folk era icon of guitars: wider nut, larger-than-parlor body but swapping out mahogany for rosewood. This guitar not only looks timeless but also plays easy, sounds great and the build quality is exceptional. If I wasn’t poor and desperate I would keep this one for myself.

Price: $899

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1969 Harmony 0-size, 12-fret in X-braced spruce/birch, 1 3/4” nut, 2 3/8” string spacing, with many common features as the OS Vaquero, the tone is just as killer


This dated-stamped 0-size, 12-fret had a smashed-in top and seem destined for the parts heap. But a full top-off rebuild with a great sounding book-matched spruce top added gave this guitar a totally new future. This guitar sounds very much like the OS Vaquero that sold back in February, plays just as easy and will save you $200 to boot!

Price: $699

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1938 Supertone “Lone Ranger” terz-size 12-fret in ladder-brace solid birch, 1 3/4” nut, 2 3/16” string spacing, small on size, huge on cool


This Supertone “Lone Ranger” terz size model was the smallest in the pre-war Lone Ranger stenciled top series. It was built to same standard as its larger bodied cousins but, with only a lower bout of 11 3/8”, was marketed to younger, budding guitarists. With a back off rebuild to modern standard for structure and playability, it's the coolest travel guitar on the planet. The 1 3/4” nut plays like a big person guitar and can be played in either G-G terz tuning or E-E standard tuning.

Price: $599

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